Lumber Tractor Apparatus

This tea improves Qi and Blood flow, guild energy runs all over the body. Perfect gift for sub-health condition.

It helps to stretch cervical vertebra and recover cervical lordotic curvature. Perfect gift for office workers.

Cervical Tractor Apparatus

This cushion can give you a nice looking buttocks, and prevent haemorrhoids. Perfect gift for office workers.

This tea helps to clear throat, reduce phlegm, relieve coughing, very good for chronic pharyngitis.Perfect gift for teacher, seniors and the one needed.

Eight-treasure tea

Beautiful Lady Tea

Clear Throat Tea

Health Care Products

This tea contains 7 kind of flowers which are beneficial to detox, weight loss and beautiful complexion.Perfect gift for girl friend, wife and mom.

Patent Herbal Products

Beauti- Butt Cushion

More herbal products are adding......

it helps to stretch lumber and relieve pain and stiffness on the back.Perfect gift for office workers.

Man-Strong Tea

More health care products are adding......

This tea helps to improve Kidney Qi and energy.Perfect gift for boyfriend, husband and dad.